Tamaki Newsletter– August 2023

It has been another intensely busy week, and I write this latest newsletter on a flight back to Parliament.  I have just been with Nicola Willis MP, our finance spokesperson, at a business breakfast.  Many Tamaki business owners were there at an event organised by BDO.  While important to share National’s views, it was mostly a time to hear what business owners have to say and what they want to see happen in the future.  It won’t surprise you that near universal call is for less government interference, a great focus on generating wealth and prosperity for all, and being open to more investment from overseas.

Simon O'Connor and Nicola Willis

The campaign has also been getting busier.  You will have seen an array of National Party blue signs appear across the electorate.  This is just the first wave with many more to come!  My thanks to the team who joined me on Saturday to put the signs up and with thanks to all those local residents who have volunteered their fence or window.  If you have a fence or window that you would like a National Party sign on, please get in touch via [email protected]

I have also been busy door knocking and continuing my very successful coffee catch ups, the latest being in Meadowbank.  So many issues are raised, but cost of living is usually front and centre.  There was also a lot of feedback on how long it took for government to drop the final  Covid rules, which they have only just done.  From my perspective, these rules and regulations have lasted far too long but illustrative of a government that likes control.

And speaking of control, did you know the Labour government recently voted down a National member’s bill that would allow parents to decide how to split/share the 26 weeks of paid parental leave?  Notably, to allow both parents to access the leave - to decide how to share it between them if they so choose.

Instead, a fortnight after voting our bill down, they introduced their own.  But get this, they have added four more weeks of leave for the ‘second’ parent but still not allowed any more control or decision making of the parents beyond that.  I think this sums up the failures of this Labour government perfectly.  While we all want to see more support, this extra allowance of leave comes with a substantial price tag that we simply cannot afford at this time.  Secondly, the system and allocation remains fully in the hands of the government and not he parents!  Howe very left wing!

Returning locally, we have had more crime in our community.  I recently visited the shops on the corner of Dorchester and St Johns Road.  Three were raided in the early hours of the morning.  Talking to one owner, they noted the thousands of dollars worth of damage to the door and windows, while all that was taken was some biscuits.  Madness.  I continue to show my support of these businesses, including ensuring they can access the various supports that are available.  However, this level of crime remains unacceptable and something that National will be tackling when we win the Treasury benches in October!

The Parliament is back in session and it is fascinating to see the government forcing us into Urgency. This means the House sits for much longer hours (think from 9am to midnight each day) so they can ram their mad legislation through.  They are continuing to progress their RMA reforms.  As I have written before, these are a disaster and something we will repeal quickly once in government.  That they are ramming things through is a sign to me that they know their time is up.  We are also seeing nastier comments and behaviours from Ministers, again, a sign that we have a very unhappy and worried government.

Positively, here in Tamaki and with the National Party team, we have much going on.  Below are just some of the events and opportunities to help.  We have a great and social team of people, so come and join us!

If you are keen to help us – deliver flyers; door knock; phone calling; or have space for a sign.  Get in touch!

With best wishes



PS Oh, and how could I forget!  Labour’s GST announcement.  While to some it might sound good, it is clear that most of the ‘savings’ will go to the supermarkets and bureaucracies, not the consumers.  Overseas experience has shown only around 30% of any savings (at most!) are passed on.  Add to this, a new commissioner and bureaucracy needed to manage the system.  Ask yourself this - is a clove of garlic fresh, but what about cloves in a vacuum sealed bag?  One is exempt, one is likely not.  Welcome the bureaucratic costly mess the government has just announced.


PPS as I finish writing this, Labour has announced, effectively, a new 12 cent tax on fuel and introduced a new bill to allow 16 year olds to vote in local body elections.  As I want to get this newsletter out, I will comment more on these in a further newsletter - a special edition - next week!  The key takeaway already however, is that you can't trust Labour and definitely not in these last days of their being in government.