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Tamaki Newsletter– April 2023

May 01, 2023 Share

Can I begin by wishing everyone a Happy Easter, or to those in our Jewish community, a Happy Passover (Chag Pesach Sameach).  For everyone, I hope the weekend ahead is a relaxing and enjoyable one.

There is a lot to report on in this newsletter, with much having happened locally and some developments in Wellington that I have played  a key part in.

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Tamaki Newsletter– March 2023

March 10, 2023 Share

It has been another busy few weeks politically, and hopefully by now you have seen the latest policy announcements by National.  These were around tax rebates for child care, known as FamilyBoost, and a commitment to reduce the number of consultants that government uses.  More on these later.

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Tamaki Newsletter– January 2022

February 08, 2023 Share

Happy New Year and welcome to election year!  This first newsletter of the year is coming a bit late, but each time I have completed a draft, there has been a significant event - most lately, the terrible storms here in Auckland and across other regions of the North Island.  This newsletter covers a lot including the resignation of the Prime Minister, but firstly, some reflections on the flooding and storms.

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Tamaki Newsletter– December 2022

December 19, 2022 Share

This will be my last newsletter for the year, and so is a chance to reflect on the year past and to anticipate the year soon to begin.

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Tamaki Newsletter– November 2022

November 30, 2022 Share

Another week, and another example of this government getting increasingly out of control.  As I write, we have just completed Urgency where Labour and the Greens have sought to entrench their view on Three Waters (now Five Waters!) into law.  What this means is that it would now take a vote of 60% to change the law, not the usual democratic 50%.  This move to entrench the Left’s approach to Three Waters is outrageous.  Entrenchment of laws has always been bi-partisan and only on ‘high level’ constitutional matters – think the age of voting for example.  For the Left to entrench a controversial policy is wrong and attacks another aspect of our democracy.

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Tamaki Newsletter– October's End 2022

November 01, 2022 Share

By now, you will have heard about the stabbing in St Heliers on Saturday evening.  While an unprovoked and random attack, it remains very disturbing and sits on the back of a continuing problem with crime in our community.  In fact - if you have been following my social media and comments in mainstream media - you will know this is just one of many recent crimes in our electorate.

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Tamaki Newsletter– October 2022

October 20, 2022 Share

Another busy few weeks, particularly locally, so this latest newsletter focuses on events in and around Tamaki but also some thoughts on the latest madness coming out of Wellington - that is, the cancelling of funding for Shakespeare because according to some the ideologues in Creative NZ he is ‘paternalistic, imperialist, and not assisting decolonisation’ (I kid you not!).

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Washington DC Update– September 2022

September 30, 2022 Share

Hello everyone

Well, it is not every day I get to sit on a panel within the US Congress grilling social media giants such as Meta (Facebook), Twitter, YouTube and others.  Nor gather with MPs and Senators from over 30 nations to discuss mutual concerns around foreign interference, defence, and intelligence.

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Tamaki Newsletter– September 2022

September 14, 2022 Share

It has been another busy, if not intense, few weeks of work locally and in parliament – but my first thoughts turn to the passing of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, the Queen of New Zealand.

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Tamaki Newsletter– July 2022

August 08, 2022 Share

Where does the time go!  It has been a good month since I last had the time to write a newsletter, and as I write today, we are now into August.  As my wife often tells me – “the days are long, but the years go quickly.”

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