Highest National Party Vote from Tamaki

Tamaki Electorate
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Local Tamaki MP Simon O’Connor is thrilled by the result of the election in Tamaki.  It provided the highest percentage of National Party votes of any electorate in New Zealand.

“Tamaki has been a blue seat for a long time, but the results of this election are spectacular.  A whopping 66% of all votes cast in this electorate were for the National Party,” said Mr O’Connor.

“The campaign team, and countless volunteers, did an amazing job.  I am grateful to all of them, and to everyone who voted for National here in Tamaki.  We have increased our Party Vote by 2.5%, which is more than double the nationwide swing.”

While Simon is keen to stress the importance of the party vote, he was humbled by the tremendous support he received as the National candidate in Tamaki.  “I am greatly honoured to have received 71% of the electorate votes cast in Tamaki.  That is the highest result of any candidate in the country.”

“As I begin my second term, I look forward to continuing to serve the people of this electorate.”