Petition: Government's 10-person-limit discriminates against funerals, weddings, and religious services

This petition calls on Parliament to reject the Government’s discriminatory rules of a 10-person limit at funerals/tangi, weddings, and religious services.

As context: restaurants, shopping malls, and movie theatres are allowed up to 100 people, but to attend a place of worship or a funeral, there must still be an upper limit of 10 people. This is unacceptable.

While we believe the Covid-19 response should be cautiously and reasonably managed, these restrictions will cause more harm than good. The grief of not being able to farewell a loved one or practise a deeply held faith simply because of a technical breach of an arbitrary limit will be significant and far-reaching.

There is no plausible reason why safety, distancing, and contact-tracing measures cannot be put in place to ensure that public health is at the forefront while still allowing people to fully worship, mourn, or celebrate important events.

We the undersigned reject this breach of basic human rights and ask the government for some humanity, consistency, and ‘kindness.’ Please sign this petition to get the 10-people limit on specific social gatherings urgently reviewed and lifted as soon as possible - not just for the sake of accountability, but for the well-being and dignity of our society.

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