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What a result in Australia! The Coalition has been returned to the treasury benches, something very few people predicted.

In fact, had you been reading the various newspapers, watching television, political analysts, Twitter and other social media, or the polls you would have thought that Labour, climate change, and green issues were all destined to win the campaign decisively. To push the point, there was really no debate in mainstream media or social media. It was just a matter of how much the new wave of liberal, social progressive, green dogma, parties were going to win by. It was Labour’s “unlosable election”.

Confounding the pollsters, the media, the politicians, and pundits, the result was an overwhelming win for conservative Scott Morrison and the centre right coalition. This win deserves some serious consideration because it again demonstrates just how out of touch the commentariat are these days.

It would be easy to say this is just another error by political commentators and pollsters. In fact, reading some of the opinion pieces in recent days, it is clear that is one of the excuses being put forward. ‘We got it wrong, let’s move on.’

But let’s not move on. Let’s think about what it means when the ‘chattering class’ is wrong. They were wrong about Trump. Wrong about Brexit. Wrong about the Australian election.

Each of these could have been a mistake. The pollsters and commentators may not be very good at their jobs and genuinely just got it wrong. Or perhaps we shouldn’t assume they’re incompetent. Perhaps they were wrong because they were deliberately taking sides. What if much of the media, the pollsters, and the commentators, are merely engaging in propaganda and are not reporting the wider range of views in the community? They have picked a side and actively promote it while maintaining the facade that they are objective. They actively promote the progressive left’s agenda. They provide it preferential coverage, constant supportive commentary, disparage the opposition, and try to peer pressure the public by claiming that their win is a near certainty.

This is achieved not only by reporting that one side is sure to win and the other will lose, but by promoting one view as being representative, well-acknowledged, objectively supported by unbiased experts, and agreed to by almost all the sages in the media. It is a variant of the ‘wrong side of history’ strategy - that is, try to keep your opponents from actually thinking about the arguments, encourage them to simply run with the herd even if the herd is headed for a cliff. In Australia, it was about creating an impression that the Coalition was finished and everyone was behind Labour. It is media acting as propagandist - either deliberately or as tool of the left.

Those on the left will be very worried by the pollsters’ errors, not simply because they have lost, but because they do not have the control they thought they had. For all their propaganda, education programmes, manipulation of the civil service, constant adoration in media, the general public does not agree with their policies or philosophies. The general public do not buy their view without question or without reference to wider social democratic values. Despite the public being told the ‘left is good, the right is bad’ they still voted for a conservative party.

It is a worrying situation for the left and progressives - that a silent majority which appears every three or so years does not simply go along with what media and others tells them or says will happen. Expect therefore, the left to push harder out of both fear and anger. Fear that they do not have the control they want. And anger that all their efforts to ‘re-educate’ the public are not working. Expect, them to push even harder for more control - more oversight bodies, more talk of limiting free speech, more rights for certain groups while removing the rights of others, more electoral rules, more commissions, more protests, more petitions, more shouting down anyone who opposes them.

Along the way, watch for the emotional response from within media and the left. They do not like losing and yet while speaking of how much they like democracy (when it suits), there will be protests, calls for change, and small acts of violence. These emotional outbursts indicate an unwillingness to accept the result. Such emotional outbursts are just that, emotional and not rational. It also indicates a blinkedness; a ‘we cannot we be wrong’ attitude. It is an attitude that when challenged is never able to be defended with reason, but rather with emotion. This is why we keep seeing protests overseas. It is why we have images of progressives crying and speaking about ‘fear’, ‘worry’, and ‘being frightened’. It is why we have articles about people wanting to leave Australia.

It is why we see day after day emotion-based attacks on those who have won - be they personalities or parties, positions or principles. We rarely see a media outlet or opinionator accepting, rationally, that they might be wrong or that parts of their philosophy are not attractive. Those who push propaganda by nature only see one side, so they simply shout louder, scream louder, and protest louder. This is the raison d’être of the left and their mates. Why explain when you can scream?

Despite all of this, there is still a remarkable glimmer of hope. Despite all the noise and violence, the public can still see through the haze of propaganda and the steady diet of biased “news” fed to them. The public demonstrates that democracy works and why it needs to be defended against those who seek to undermine it with their personal agendas masquerading as the ironclad will of the whole community.

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